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Wabi Brass 5 pc Cutlery Set

Wabi Brass 5 pc Cutlery Set

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Our flatware isn't just for company; the brass core makes it sturdy enough for everyday use while its unique shape makes every meal feel a little special

Wabi flatware collection embraces the natural expression of the understated elegance of everything imperfect. Made with pure brass, these spoons feature the anomalies that arise from the process of casting and add uniqueness to each one of them. 


Fork: ~18.5 x 3 cms  

Knife: ~21 x 3 cms  

Spoon: ~19 x 3 cms  

Dessert Spoon: ~14 x 2.5 cms  

Dessert Fork: 14.5 x 2 cms  

Set Description: 

Set of 5: 1 x Dinner Knife, 1 x Dinner Spoon, 1 x Dinner fork, 1 x Dessert Spoon & 1 x Dessert Fork

Set of 18: 6 x Dinner Knife, 6 x Dinner Spoon, 6 x Dinner fork, 6 x Dessert Spoon & 6 x Dessert Fork 





The handles are forged using traditional techniques and will show tool marks. Wipe dry immediately after wash to avoid watermarks

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